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February 26, 2008

23 Skidoo! Ron Steals the Other Team's Mascot!

Ron Littlefield today issued a mayoral proclamation, that basically gave the middle finger to the City of Atlanta on our behalf. Today is Give Our Georgia Friends A Drink Day, per our mayor. You should take a minute to read the proclamation, because it really says a lot about who Ron is and the direction our city is(n't) going.

To address the first part, Ron Littlefield gets all giddy about this kind of made-for-tv-news gesture because politics is all a game to him. It certainly isn't business and that's why NOTHING IS GOING ON AT CITY HALL.

I'm assuming he found a way to pay for a truck full of bottled water to be delivered to Atlanta through some private means (though not his own pocket--never that.). But this isn't the lead up to the big game versus our rival school. His gesture is an embarrassment and I'm shocked that he'd be so short-sighted as to do it. It doesn't address the real issue of Georgia trying to steal St. Elmo from us, but it does stand a chance to piss them off enough to keep trying. And the bit where his assistant is delivering the water wearing a coonskin cap and head-to-toe buckskins is jaw-droppingly stupid. We're trying to sell Chattanooga as the hippest new spot to plant your new-media, high-tech company and he's making us out to be hillbillies? I know he can't seem to do anything to proactively help our city, but does he have to make it hard for those who are actually working? Astonishing.

Remember the dress-up party Ron threw to re-open our modernized City Hall? This is the same thing. It's always the week of homecoming for Ron Littlefield and he's the head of the float committee. Except that this isn't a Mickey Rooney movie, and we deserve more than a head cheerleader as our mayor.

After you read the smart-alec proclamation, did you laugh? Were you amused that your civic leader had pulled so childish a stunt? Maybe you were, or maybe you rolled your eyes. What I wonder is, if you voted for Ron Littlefield in 2005, do you regret your vote?

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